History of a World War Two U.S. Army Air Force B-24 Bomber Pilot


A History of World War Two Pilot 1st. Lt. Ed Torossian

Ed was part of the Mighty 8th Air Force
-2nd Bombardment Division
-20th Combat Bombardment Wing
-446th Bombardment Group
-704th Bombardment Squadron

Edward Kourken Torossian, Consolidated B-24 bomber combat pilot in World War Two, was born on November 23, 1923, in Highland Park, Michigan, to Toros and Alice Torossian. He was the second of three children and grew up with his sisters Margaret and Rose, in their home above their fathers shoe repair shop.
Edward began working at a young age, shining shoes, selling peanuts and newspapers, and working at the grocery store down the street. Later in life, Ed described his childhood neighborhood as being like something out of a Norman Rockwell picture.
Ed attended Northwestern High School in Detroit and by the time he was fourteen, he was 6’3” and wore a size 14 shoe. He was active in theater, liked to recite Shakespeare, poetry and to sing. He received a scholarship to attend the Detroit Institute of Technology, prior to enlisting in the U.S. Army Air Corps, during World War II. Ed served as a First Lieutenant and pilot, in the 446th Bomb group stationed in Bungay, England. He flew 25 missions on a Consolidated B-24 bomber aircraft, “Viva Latrine,” and during one mission, he experienced engine failure. One of the four engines on his B-24 was not performing properly. Thankfully, he was able to land in a small village in France without crashing WITH A FULL BOMB LOAD, where they were able to get back to England with help from the resistance. After the war ended, he flew the B-24 over the Atlantic, back to the U.S.

Ed Torossian and the crew of NEVA LORAINE. Ed is standing in the center of the back row.
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  1. Larry Jones Says:

    My uncle LtThomasFJones was a navigator/bombadier on a B24. He told me some stories about his experience. I think he was in the Polesti raids, it’s been a long time.
    There were several of his letters to my dad, his older brother talking about the missions he was on. I used to read those letters when I was a kid after the war. I don’t know what happened to the letters, when my mom died and we sold the house they were missing from the drawer they had been in for years.


  2. Greg DuBois Says:

    This is an extremely nice tribute you Kirk’s cousin. Very well done

  3. Ric Beattie Says:

    What a wonderful tribute. Awesome!!

  4. Cressa Says:

    A great way to honor and thank a veteran.

  5. Kris Small Says:

    What a great tribute!

  6. Dave Tuscany Says:


    I can see you put a lot of effort and care into creating this tribute to your Uncle. What a great lasting legacy to your Uncle Ed. Good job

  7. Keith Corbeil Says:

    More pictures and more stories…this is history that counts! We the people can relate on a much deeper sence when we know the facts like this tribute provides. The crowd shouts for MORE!!!

  8. Jim Hennessey Says:

    Great coverage of WW2
    history.Thank You So Much
    Jim Hennessey

  9. Jim Hennessey Says:


  10. iReporter Says:

    Good peaces of history. Thanks for details!

  11. Elaine Torossian Says:

    Kirk — As one of Ed’s 4 daughters, I am so grateful for the way in which you have honored my father with this website. I will provide some more photo’s for you to add.
    Being able to hear our fathers voice and his stories is such a gift. My mother and my daughter are also thrilled. We are glad to hear that other people find his stories of interest. (sorry we were talking on the last audio, we were not aware it would pick up our voices).

  12. Rik Cryderman (with Gary Bopp) Says:

    Is your cousin related to Elaine Torossian who worked at Beaumont Hospital? I worked with her and she is a wonderful person…great tribute!

  13. Rick Zager Says:


    As a history teacher, I applaud your attention to detail. As an American, I believe that your tribute to our veterans is wonderful. Great work!

  14. Tom Lietaert Says:

    I’m inspired to create a tribute to my departed loved ones! I may contact you about creating a site for me soon!

  15. Ernie Speck Says:

    My father Donald Speck served in the Army Air Corp from June 1941 until Feb.1946. He never
    flew, but was a supply sarg..

    I have flown in a B17 and B25
    bomber, what an experience.

    Dad still lives in Dearborn, in the home that he buildt for our family after WWII.

    Great website!

  16. admin Says:

    Thank You Ernie,

    I appreciate the compliment. It was a labor of love. Best of Luck to your Dad.
    I have not flown in a vintage aircraft. Good for you.

    Take Care,

    Kirk Tirakian

  17. admin Says:

    I would be happy to help you with that Tom. Let me know when you are ready.


  18. Christian Louboutin Shoes Says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > History of
    a World War Two U.S. Army Air Force B-24 Bomber Pilot < Liked it!

  19. Heather Michaels Says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your dad. Take care Linda, it’s been a long time. Heather

  20. Elaine Torossian Says:

    Honoring my father on this Veterans Day.
    Love you More Dad!!

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